Maxillarydeficiencyand SDB in Children With Marfan’sSyndrome: A controlledthree- dimensional (3D) shapeevaluation

Aimwas todefinemaxillarymorphology inMarfanchildren (MG) by means of3Danalysis and3D reconstruction of palatal area and volume compared with a control group(CG)andto investigate the associationwith OSAseverity.

20MarfanCaucasiansubjectsunderwent standard nocturnalpolygraphytesting. 16 of 20 Marfanpatientspresented an AHI> 1 and wereenrolled in the study. CG wascomposed by17healthysubjects.Studycastswerescanned and preprocessed to removeunwanted data.3D boundariesweredefinedasa gingivalplane and a distalplane.